Friday, March 14, 2014

F-Flower of Life grid/doily pattern

I used Sport weight yarn
US "E" hook (3.5 mm)
instructions in US terms
as of right now the only testing that has been done is when I made it, I'm planning on remedying that soon :)

Ch 4 ss to form ring
Ch 15 ss inside of ring (one loop made) repeat 5 times more for a total of 6 loops (1st flower)
turn work ss up one side of petal of flower to center top stitch turn
Ch 5-8, you want your work to lay flat) ss to top of next petal, repeat around. ss to close round.
ch 8-10 ss to the next ss repeat around and ss to close round
Ch 15, ss to previous ss, repeat 2 more times (3 petals)
*ss across the previous 8-10 chains to reach the next ss that was in the top petal
Ch 15 ss to the ss and repeat 2 more times*, repeat these around
turn ss up one side of petal to center stitch, turn
this next round your outside petals of each 3 will need to be ss together (see pic, its not great but I hope it helps)Ch 10-12 between the outside and center petals repeat around ss to close round.
sets of 3 petals showing where the connecting SS should be
 Next round, ch 12-14 ss to previous round ss. repeat around.
This next round will be the final round for the petals, and it changes to a 3 petal 2 petal pattern for this round
Ch 15 ss to the ss of previous round, repeat 2 times more.
ss across the previous round ch 12-14 space and then make 2 petals.  Repeat around. finish with a ss.
turn ss up side of petal to get to top stitch turn. SS to join next petal
On this round again you will be ss to connect the petals, all of the 2 petal flowers will connect with the outside of a 3 petal flower, ch 12-14 ss to top of petal ch 12-14 ss to petals together ch 12-14 ss both petals together, repeat around, finish of with ss fasten off and weave in ends

I have wanted to do this for years, when I was watching a video on YouTube talking about crystal grids, and someone else mentioned that they thought it could be done in some fashion with crochet.  FINALLY its done!  I would like to tinker with it a bit, but I am happy with it and it is the perfect "F" post for the Pagan Blog Project! I also plan on trying it out with different hook sizes and yarns, this one just happened to be close to me when I decided I needed to give it a try.
I printed this out, put it in a sheet protector and used a vis a vis pen to mark the petals I had done
crystal in center of grid

my new "crystal creature" I just got in the mail yesterday so naturally it was my photo prop