Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Dream catcher story.

Perhaps the birth of one?  Part of this is just to get some "craftings" on the blog.  It is after all called CRAFTINGS of the MadHouseWitch!  Now sure the word-smithing does count too, but that is not all that I do.  I have the T-shirt to prove it
this was one of those "free just pay shipping" dealie bobbers.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
So, about a week ago, I felt the need to make a dream catcher.  Partially inspired by a YouTuber I follow who has been making them herself, and partially just wanting to make one, just because.
Supplies gathered

-one popcorn tub ring, (lid only) the ones you get around the holidays.  This one had clear plastic in the center, so I cut, and pulled that out.
-Sisal cording, you can use yarn or rope or other string too.  I was going for "Earthy"
-Twine or string for the web, I found some cotton or hemp (it was not labeled)
-Beads (I added this AFTER I was almost done, so it wasn't 'gathered')
-hot glue gun and glue
-some yarn for the 'feathers', I used some hand spun.

I won't do a full tutorial, they are all over the internet you can find them on WikiHow, or instructables.  The idea is all the same, I had made one before, but I wanted a refresher.  The one I found used the sisal so I got the idea there.
I got the Sisal to make scratching posts for the cats, they never used them of course.  I would have liked it to be thicker for that purpose but it is what I could find at the time.  I had half a roll with no purpose so I LOVED that idea.  I also LOVED the way it turned out.

As I was working on this, while I had a hovering 10 year old.  I had a thought "De needs this"  The second I have that thought, up pops an ad for some sleep medicine (can you tell I pay real close attention to ads!?)  Naturally,  I then have to ask my Witchy Sister just how she had been sleeping recently.  Care to guess?
"Crappy" says she.  That confirmed that it was destined for her, and that the hovering 10 year old would just have to go on the back order list.

Thankfully said 10 year old was one hundred percent fine with the explanation that was given, I just need to find a suitable hoop.
I really like the way that the ring turned out here, it has a lovely 3D effect, that one generally doesn't see with dream catchers.
While you can't see them too well in the picture there are 3 beads in each section of the yarn too, you can see them better on the sides than on the bottom.
I'm fairly certain I'm now "on commission" to make 5 more at least, and that is assuming that I don't decide to give gifts....  Let's see 5, 6, 7, 8, 9......
I'm probably just ordering multi packs of hoops.  I'ls see what I can find to recycle, because I LOVED that about this one.  I'm just not sure I can come up with that many!
Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Even if it has been years, even if you are questioning.  You will still be one step ahead of where you were yesterday!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Nostalgia and the things we let go

I've been just generally thinking over a few things.  In part due to JoAnna Devoe's "Every Witch Way" that she did with TipToeChick.  I got to thinking about some of the virtual travels over the past few years.  So the following is probably really rambling, and just more of some sort of therapy for myself.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is these virtual travels, ended up in some real world exploring.  So, in no way to I regret them.  From being a stay at home mom of 5 with 3 under 3, at one point I got the claim of 3 under 2, but only for a few months!  Being Mom was my #1 priority.  And a few of the times moving or just flat out lacking in space meant that my Pagan practice didn't exist beyond very simple things.  I just didn't have the time to do anything.  When you have little time to self often the basic needs trump the want needs.  Granted I kept enough to manage sanity, but it was not the caliber I would have liked.  Besides toddlers don't really mesh will with altars anyway!
So when my youngest was finally in the age of needing a bit less, say around 1 or so.  I started to explore the wide world of the interwebs.  Missing out on a large part of the 'aughts' didn't really do me any favors and honestly I could have done without this portion of internet searching but it lead to other things.  This was the stage of finding "Keep Wicca Traditional" and discovering the anti-Ravenwolf crowd.  Now mind you, I was a 90's teen witch so you can imagine how that went down in my brain at the time.  This led me to searching other things, things that now I have a much different perspective.  At the time however, when others were saying "Read Hutton, he shows that there was "older" "more authentic" Witchcraft"  except I read it, and I didn't find that to be the case at all.  I found a forum of Traditional Witches, and a web page titled "Why Wicca Sucks".  It all led to more confusion, NOTHING they said was correct, when they gave examples of "Wicca"  in quotes for reasons.   I had managed to get my hands on a copy of "The Witches Bible" by the Farrars.  So the claims that Wicca was "fluffy bunny white light shit" set the radar off.  I knew of Phyllis Curott so I knew there were Wiccans that didn't follow the rule of three, regardless of if you agree with HER reasoning.  Still I tried to leave behind the label.  Even though it was a label I didn't really ever USE.  I knew that what I had known was all Wiccan.  I tried to move on, it didn't stick.  I ended up banned from the forum mentioned.  I DARED to talk about them elsewhere, WITHOUT naming names, the fact that the others elsewhere, were able to say WHO it was, I think, speaks more volumes there.

So I went on a bit of a seeker again phase, I tried Celtic Reconstruction, but that failed me right away as there wasn't anyone willing to say what was DONE for rituals at the time.  Also, much more of "here is why we are not Wiccan"  CR seemed like much work at the time, and I was not that interested after all, at least not if it required the amount of work that others made it out to be.  Then I found Druidry, specifically ADF Druidry.  There were ideas that I liked, and others I didn't care for that much.  It just overall didn't have the right "feel" for me.  After a few chats with members I felt (this is on me, not them)  that I didn't fit.  I was a female, ADF is largely male,  I felt a disconnect on the academic level.  I certainly don't have a Phd.  Pagans in general are pretty well educated but at the time it was a difficulty for me.

Around this same time I also found the YouTube Pagan community.  I know that TipToeChick has videos that are around that time frame, even if she did take a few down over the years.  It seemed like I found her and she made the decision to leave YouTube for a time.  Isaac Bonewits passed away, I kind of felt like a harbinger of death for a while, not literally of course.  Even the forum that I found that was truly friendly, ended up moving to Facebook, and basically finished its course.  I found a few others on YouTube I enjoyed watching.  Quite a few that while I enjoyed the videos, I grew tired of the constant marketing.  A final straw for some when they kept pushing over and over these programs that I could NEVER afford, or if I could, it would no longer be available.  I'm not talking 100's of dollars I am talking 1000's or hundreds per MONTH.  It was pretty easy at first to just ignore, I was years in, I didn't need a beginners program.  However it is only a matter of time before the group dynamics start in, when 8 out of 10 videos start to say how GREAT something is, you start to wonder.  So after a time, I started to unsub from emails, and even in a few cases the channels.  Often though, these were BIG names in the vlog o sphere, so it is hard to avoid completely..

There just comes times when you have to remind yourself of WHY you left the thing behind.  Cycles of death and rebirth, letting go so the new can come into your life.  It finds itself in many things.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life's distractions getting in the way of life

I've found that I have to have a mindset going.  I've decided to take a break from Facebook, possibly a permanent one.  You see, I was spending too much time on things that never matter.  WHY do we have to plug in to our "wall" (let's be honest here, THAT has not changed since MySpace)  they can say "newsfeed" but when it is bits and bobs from all the people you follow in little gems of information it serves the same purpose.  It can serve the same frustration that I can find when going to various forums.  Rehashing certain topics over and over with everyone agreeing to disagree.  Therefore, no real progress was made.  Except that it is making progress somewhere, in some cases.

I had a conversation with a friend about how I feel like I'm not a good writer.  She IS a writer, and stated sometimes she felt the same way.  I think it is the human condition really, second guessing everything.  Especially, if you aren't doing something regularly.  Various reasons of course,  I've decided that is okay!  I can have a blog that is a diary of sorts, maybe not being the best at posting.  As long as I continue to try that is what is important.  Somethings you have to try over and over before they stick.  It is called practice, but works in SO much in life (quitting smoking comes to mind! or riding a bike)

Sometimes with a Blog or Vlog, it can be hard to think of topics to discuss and the longer you leave it the harder it is to pick back up.  OH FUCKING WELL.  DO it anyway!  I am here now, we will see if it sticks

I have the #YTPaganChallenge I am doing and have done for 20 weeks now.  Did I get behind, YES!  And here is a thing, it is harder for me to make a video, than it is for me to write on my computer.  Why?  Did you read my bio bit LOL I have 5 kids, a husband, and the animals getting the quiet to make a video is HARD.  So I asked myself why don't I do what I did with the vids?  Set at time once a week and WRITE!  So, I will.  Yes there will be times that I won't get it done.  HECK, writing for a challenge would have been easy the week I got behind on the videos because I got sick and lost my voice!

To those of you who may read this in the future, don't be hard on yourself!  Have you tried things and they don't seem to work?  I've never been a good journal keeper EVER, but I've tried.  and sometimes it stuck for a long while.

I've had some issues when I come across quotes such as "Writers WRITE"  While I think there is SOME truth to it.  I don't necessarily think it means you WRITE down your "pre rough draft"  or the thoughts you may have about writing.  That I think is the most important step in a process the thought to actually commit it to paper.  Which the written word is, in and of itself, MAGIC!  The ability to write things down and transfer them across the ages, for others to see and ponder on, and repeat the process.  What else would you call it?