Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The best rides- Post it Note Tuesday

This is another from "The Pagan Book of Living and Dying"  by Starhawk and the Reclaiming collective.  The Quote is attributed to Deborah Oak Cooper, the post it only fits so much!

Fully:  "Now I understand how reincarnation works,  The best rides have the longest lines.  Sometimes you end up on a really lousy ride just because you didn't have time to wait"  This quote it, says in the book, came after a Disneyland trip with her son.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Make It Monday- Fairy Dust Bottles

*this post contains affiliate links, so you know what I used.

This weekend was the "camp" weekend.  It was backyard camping, and since it was my yard it was really convenient for things like water and toilets!  Also, towels since we ended up setting up tents in the rain.  Naturally, as soon as we were DONE setting up said tents it stopped raining.  However, I know that if we tried to wait it out, it would have rained all day until it was dark LOL.

So, a bit of water made it into the weekend along with the water activity I'll post!
Since the theme this week was water I put together a playlist for that here:  water crafting playlist NSFW

This is all over the internet and Pinterest, and plays on the idea of "calm down jars"  but a itty bitty version I used these bottles Package of 24 Small Mini Glass Jars with Cork Stoppers - Size: 1-1/2" Tall X 3/4 Inches Diameter  So a bit larger than some of the ones I have seen around but at a great price!
you will need:
the bottles
water (I used distilled, because our well water likes to grow things)
glitter (glue and/or regular)
IF not using glue some corn syrup

We did ours mostly different and it was REALLY fun with some of the kids around here.  I had help from my Daughter and my Cousin who was here for a bit.  My Cousin then went on to go pester my Grandmother to get her more so she could make more!  

I warmed the water just a bit so that the syrup/glue would dissolve, then added a bit to the bottles,  If you use glitter glue, you will not want to add glitter, but I had both so both were used.  Sometimes in the same bottle!  I was making 13 of them in this style so we had lots of fun with different things  There was not magic ratio, no formula that was used it was 4 ladies playing with glitter and water!  Some of the bottles the glitter never settled and others it did behave more like the meditation/calm down jars.

One was a "water fairy" jar, it had sand, corn syrup, and a little sea shell.  My oldest did one where she put sand in, THEN added the water, corn syrup and glitter.  The result?  the sand didn't mix and stayed at the bottom, it looked really neat, since the sand stays at the bottom (at least for now)  Some bottles had extras, such as beads, and tiny pearl beads.  I TRIED to minimize the craftermath, but seriously, it is craft herpes erm, I mean, glitter!  It is best to assume you house will look like you drove a stake through the hearts of the Cullens!

And the finer the glitter is the longer it will stay suspended, but it will also be the one that *poofs* all over the working area.  You have been warned!  I found it was TOTALLY worth it though, and the after effects were AMAZING!  

I had originally planned, to use hot glue to seal them.  BUT I had a stroke of inspiration!  As they were going to adults as well as kids I didn't want anyone to open them.  I figured to add to the "witchy charm" I would seal them in wax!  now, you could go and get the gulf wax meant for sealing that some use for canning long term.  However being practical I used what I hadTealights, a candle warmer, and some broken crayons for coloring!    These are the cheaper tealights from Walmart, and the wick comes right out then you put the wax in the cup and set on the warmer until melted (I found high made it too hot and it didn't leave a good layer on the bottles)  I had to dip each bottle about 3-4 times to get a good layer on them, some did better than others.  AND I found out that if you want to use this method of wire wrapped bails one needs to wrap BEFORE wax,  At least if you want the wax to stay non chipped and really pretty,  none messed up the seal, but it wasn't as polished.  Not that I was obsessing over it just a note to self next time!  after this they were wire wrapped and stings added so they would be necklaces, these ones were the Fairy side, because we all know a fairy needs its dust!   We will be visiting the Goblin bottles next week!  Originally, I only planned on doing the fairy bottles, but ordering 24 I had some extra, and thanks to a Witch Sister I was able to fill in the few I would be short to do the goblin bottles as well.  SO we will see them later.  It just ended up working REALLY well for AIR!

And a BONUS water Make It Monday

few pictures here, but tutorials abound!  Basically you need cellulose sponges, and rubber bands, cut each sponge into strips (I did quarters lengthwise) then arrange the strips.  I used 6 on each, but 8 filled out more.  I just wanted MORE bombs per sponge pack.  I was lucky and the Dollar Tree had 3 packs instead of just the 2 packs.  They had a mix of some of the 2 packs as well but I dug to find the 3's!  Stack them into a square or rectangle and rubber band the center to get sponge bombs!  The pool picture is after  long hard day(s) of play, and not all of the bombs made it through!

I'll have to do a separate post on just how the camping event went down and the goodie bags and such, since I have alluded to them in these posts, and now I don't have to be so super secretive about it!  Not that I was super hush, but I tried to keep the overall pretty secret.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Make It Monday - Solstice Sun Coins/ Seeing Stones

*This post contains affilate link.

This will not be a tutorial, at least not in part!  This one was inspired by this post That was found via Pinterest by a friend of mine in prep for the solstice coming up.  A great crafty solar activity for the kiddos to join in on.
And going with the Elemental theme, started by the woodburning post,  I have a fun  Earth Playlist for your listening enjoyment this one is a bit more tame but still has some songs that are explicit so NSFW.  Disclaimer:  Same applies my taste varies,  I know of a few songs that fit well, but I'm not a fan of those songs so they are not on the list.  I encourage you to make your own, it truly is fun to do!

Was another opportunity to use my cookie stamp (even though these are not for eating! also this is the sole affiliate link.)
But we also used other odds and ends from around the house, such as Popsicle sticks and cookie cutters, use your imagination for whatever fits
Here we have almost dry, just in time for the camping bit we are hosting.  We could speed the process up with an oven, but that is less fun.   You could try solar drying too.  This is another item to go in goodie bags for the guests.  Everyone here decorated at least one, the smallest one didn't WANT to so he just did one.  Still it was a fun activity and salt dough is quite versatile.  I don't think it will be the last time on this blog, to be honest.

Now as another Earthy activity, we also make some seeing stones for the goodie bags as well.  These projects were back to back, the side effect of having some bored kidlets!  If you have ever seen "Spiderwick Chronicles"  OR just know of holey stone lore (there is a post here, no details on said lore but still related)  you know you cannot MAKE them BUT for fun's sake we can, and we did.  We have 2 types here one to see Fairy and one to see Goblins.  I have a theme going for the camp that is Goblin king Vs Fairy king a little play on the Kings of Oak and Holly.  The same friend who linked the suns above gave the idea for the Goblin vs Fae for this event.  So here we have some seeing stones and the rest of the process of making them!  NOW in all fairness this one is less EARTH, as polymer clay is really a polymer and essentially plastic substance however it is durable and inexpensive for this project, and it allows a variety of colors to be used to make swirls, a GREAT use for "scrap" clay of Fimo or Sculpey (I use sculpey mostly)
then added in fun stuff like sand, beads of various types, and buttons, an old washer, use what you have around that is oven safe, at low temperatures,  that includes a lot of plastics FYI, just not the clear types, in my experience things like BIC papermate pens WITH THE INK removed work well so try an make it sturdy plastics.   buttons, seashell beads, seed beads, gemstone beads, mostly items from a grab bag I got at a local shop.  I wanted swirls of color, so I used small bits of various clays
We have "team fairy" and "team goblin" in the works (and here you can see how I learned that you make sure the ink is out of the pen before baking!  The left pan?  INK!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This was out of Starhawk and the Reclaiming collective's book "The Pagan Book of Living and Dying" it says in the book that the Egyptians were told to say this to the gods upon their death. Google pulls up some great posts though.
Still a great affirmation and total TRUTH.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Make It Monday - Yard Dice

This post has affiliate links, if you purchase through a link I may get a small percentage.  This in no way affects your cost, and is helpful if you want to have the same items used in this project.

during on of the cool down periods I was inspired to make a playlist {NSFW}**! one thing though, know that my music tastes range from "YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS"  to "I know, judge me I don't care"    Since it is "Fire" theme it would be good for getting in touch with the element of Fire, and wood burning is also a great way to get a feel for it while being fairly safe.

This last Thursday (June 2, 2016), I went on a quest.  I wanted to make yard dice, after seeing them elsewhere online.  I had even set up to buy some from a local seller, but it fell through, a fault of mine, not the seller.  As I poked around on Pinterest and the like, I found the DIY's.  So I thought I would make some.  NOW, I'm cheating a little.  I started by going to Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  Where I live they are right next to each other, so I was checking both just in case.  Hobby Lobby, had ONE block, but it was split so no go.  Michael's only had the blocks that looked like they were glued plywood.  I wanted SOLID wood.  I even broke down and decided I would just buy foam dice from the dollar store.  Guess which 2 dollar stores DID NOT have foam dice?  That is correct, the 2 that I happened to go to.

  SO, as luck would have it the 2nd dollar store happens to be in the same lot as a Lowe's home improvement store.  So in I went for a 4"x4" piece of lumber, the one I got was Fir.  WHY did I not do this first?  Because *I* didn't have the equipment to cut it.  It all belongs to the "neighbors"  Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle.  So, instead I have asked my Uncle to cut it into 4" blocks.  
Now with dried Peony petals!
After the cut, they needed a good sanding.  Wear eye protection during this step!  I HIGHLY recommend a tool for this.  I started with the lovely makeshift "sanding block"  see below.  Sanding by hand is a lot of work, and the tool made it SO much faster, however it can be done by hand without TOO much trouble, just take breaks!  
Now we are going to get ready to burn!  I chose to use an actual die as a model, it helps if you have table top gamers in the family and have a pound of dice lying around ;)  Choose a D6 (that is regular dice for non gamers)  but you can just find one from a game at home and borrow it. 
Next, using a wood burning tool such as this one.  

  this is the exact one that a friend of mine and myself have.  So it is dual tested and dual Witch approved.  We will be using the "transfer tip"  which is made for transferring images from a laser printer onto wood.  However, it is also perfect for the job here.  this is also the tip I used to make the triple moon on my Tarot Box.  I got 3 sides done before I needed a break, we are burning wood after all, and would you guess, that it gets HOT?!  Who knew?  I did 3 sides, 1,2, and 6 using the D6 die as a guide.  I started by using Popsicle sticks to help align things, I found that it only helped on edges.   Like the pips of the 2 were easier, but the 6 was much better just to eyeball.  My first 6 ended up kinda funky due to crafting perfectionism and wanting to space it "just so"The next step after burning the pips,  Finishing!  There are options for this, you can oil it, or make a wood care type of balm, like spoon butter, or Varathane which I keep on hand for polymer clay projects (it is important to have WATER based for those)
   I will be finishing mine with the Varathane. (mine is old, so the label doesn't match)  Sometimes I want a more natural approach and I'll oil but since these are going to be outside in grass and dirt and probably near water sources.  I am making these for a camping event after all!  TIP:  I found the end grain sides needed more finish than the other sides,  Thirsty wood I guess!

I am planning on doing some basic games with these dice, Yahtzee, for one, but other things too.  Dice divination?  Modestly priced and would get you started.  The last one, only has a bit of information but I personally have that book.  I do not have the others.  The first one, however, looks really interesting!  Stay tuned it may show up again.

Of course we live in the age of Google so there is tons of information that is FREE as well, so here is a random assortment of non affiliate links:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liar%27s_dice (might have to modify)

AND you get to use cool words like:

IF you use them for divination, that is!
The real point though?  Having GIANT 4" cubes of dice just ROCK, Hanging out and having fun outside with friends and family is priceless.

AND for those of you out there with kids, something to keep the kids busy for a while!  I still have to finish mine up and my kids are already wishing they could give them a roll.  I also have to figure out a storage option, the easiest would be a 5 gallon bucket, so I may do that.  Then it doubles as a dice cup too!

**Naturally, because my kids were at school it has all the swears, nothing bothers me more than when they are not home and I get stuck with radio edits... too many years of it forced that now, I want the swears!
AND at least 2 of the songs are cannabis theme, I live in Washington State, while I don't partake it is a thing here! and I didn't want to resist adding them to the list.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This one comes from my chakra affirmations.  Tuesday is my root chakra day.  It seemed very fitting.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Make it Monday #1 Tarot Box

This was not made on a Monday, at least I don't think it was!  My goal however is to start a new series of crafty endeavors and schedule them for Monday's.  Today's post will be a little tarot box of mine that I have recently finished up.

This little box was one of the ones that JoAnn's sells for cheap, it is this kind with a handle at the top .  This one was on clearance for a whopping $0.75, because the handle was broken off of the top.  I don't like the handles anyway, so naturally, it flew into my cart of it's own volition and came home with me.  I tell you I had no say in the matter.  I had been on the lookout for wood as I recently had acquired a new wood burner and needed things to test it out on.  This ended up being the first project.

and here was an experiment with the transfer tip, I had to angle it to get the crescent moons, this was a happy experiment!  Since these pictures I gave 2 coats for varathane, to seal it up.  It is still a bit rough, but I was going for sort of an organic wabi sabi type of box here.  Since most of it was semi freehanded I penciled in the sketch before burning it in but I didn't measure or any other type of preplan.  The little bullseye circles are supposed to be like berries, to go with the leaves.  I'm thinking that the deck to go inside this will be my new Mothers Wisdom Oracle, as they 'arrived' around the same time,  Meaning, that the box was finished around the same time the cards were ordered and received.  It helps that they are nearly a perfect fit.  I just wonder if it is TOO perfect, as I would like to wrap the cards first before they are inside the box, the sides leave very little room,  I could, however, tuck a small quartz point to amplify the energies.  I will have to check in later to see if the cloth will work or not, my owl fabric needs to be washed prior to use!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

2016 Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge

2016 Witches &a Witchcraft Reading Challenge
This worked really well last time!  I'm hoping to get to Maiden level at least, as I have 6 books on the "must read" list at the moment, 3 of them started.  I'm wary of going too far in level since it is already JUNE!  I have some "assigned" reading for the group work that we are doing here, so that will help.  But yes, I need to get focused on my READING, balanced with DOING (which is REALLY more important) but I've got a book hoard that has not been moving at the rate it should be.  Including some just for fun fiction stuff that is Witchy themed.  So perfect timing to just sign on up and have some fun with it

Initiate: Read 1 – 5 Witchy Books

RIP (Reading In Progress)
1.  Wicca a Guide for the Solitary Practitoner Scott Cunningham (another reread, but this is for the group/coven/circle work)
2.  The Pagan Book Of Living and Dying Starhawk and the Reclaiming Collective
Summoning Forth The Wiccan Gods and Goddesses Lady Meave Rhea

The BIW (books in waiting)
Witchcraft For Tomorrow Doreen Valiente
5.  Magickal Connections Lisa McSherry
Maiden: Read 6 – 10 Witchy Booksthis to be filled in once I finish the RIPs and BIWs  

Mother: Read 11 – 15 Witchy Books
Crone: Read 16 – 20 Witchy Books

The Story of My Holey Guidance Stone (old blog post) TBT

This will be a bit of a Throwback Thursday post, although this is also on the Inland Empire Pagan Guild site, and was on my old blog.

This will be fairly short but none the less I felt guided to write it.  On the Inland Empire Pagan Guild Facebook page one of the other Pagan Ministry Council members shared an informational article about "Hag" stones AKA holey stones.  Now this was after searching for a pendant that had gone missing (fairies, I tell ya, always moving stuff) So searching in the areas where I normally will place my jewelry items when not put away properly.  One is on the shelf by my desk where I keep seemingly random things.  A box of cards, that also stores my stamps, books lots of books, a skein or two of yarn that I finished using but just did not quite make it to the yarn storage area, my Cricut, and a basket full of little rocks with words

My Mother would collect these, back when we had a metaphysical shop open, she would pick up one now and then about each time she went into the store, at the time called "The Open Door" now she never kept a list of what words she had so naturally, there are duplicates.  The duplicates include the only one I ever added to the collection.  I added it right after she passed away one one of the final times before the store moved, changed names, and basically closed.  Though it took more time than that sentence would imply!
This addition was SO important to me at the time!
As a new Mom and having lost my own at age 18 I really felt that guidance was needed.  This is the one I will hold when I am in need of such guidance or meditating on things when I need the same.
As you can see this stone really stands out among the others in size and the fact that it is a holey stone, even the color although there are others in the basket that show off the wonders of sedimentary rock!
I'm fairly certain that this one is the only one that I ever bought, though there are some blank rocks in the basket that I plan to add my own words to.
The Guidance Holey Stone remains the most special because I felt that it was my Mothers Spirit that guided me to that one in particular at that particular time.
And, yes I have attempted to see the world of the fae as to what secrets I may or may not have seen, that secret is mine