Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Post It Note Tuesday 7/26/16

this is another one of my root chakra affirmations, enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Make It Monday- in the works project for Many Gods West

So, it is now 5:57 pm, I figure I better post this now or it won't be happening!  
This week will not be a tutorial, and it isn't even a finished project yet however it is what I have been working on lately.  The first weekend in August is the weekend of Many Gods West a polytheist convention that happens on Olympia, Washington.  I'll be attending with a few sisters in spirit, and I'm starting to get a wee bit excited about it.  It has not been an easy thing to save for, but I have managed to have the goal I set so all is good!

Here is the thing though, Jason Mankey will be there as a presenter and I think I am most looking forward to that.  Since it HIGHLY unlikely he will stumble across the blog, I figure I am safe to share (for now!)

I actually had this idea BEFORE the Pokemon Go craze came up, but I think it will make it fit even better!

This will be a Mankey,  that I will be adding Pan horns to...
to make it a PANMANKEY, because that is the handle that Jason Mankey uses on Patheos.  Just a fun little play on words that I felt the need to bring to "life" in the real world.  Since this picture I have added the nose and cut out the eyes I just have to attach the eyes (they are felt)

Other things in the works, more cat toys, and the rest of the costume for my Daughter at the end of the month.  She is in a group and doing a cosplay so finishing touches need to happen!  YAY I'll be sewing.  AND I might even get over next door to get the serger threaded, as I'm having my Grandpa service it first, then I'll have fun sewing projects to do with that as well.

I thought about doing some sort of candle holder project but it just wasn't in the cards this week, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Make It Monday - Cat scratching post (with bonding chants!)

So as you all read in last weeks post, I adopted a cat last week.  So the week of healing and bonding had begun.
This little craft I made a few scratchers for her,  One is just a basic cardboard one of 1" cardboard strips that I found a video (see above) on YouTube for and made it.  We will see how she likes it after the glue dries.  

BUT I also did this version too, so far she doesn't seem to care too much, but, she is recovering after all!
What you need:
Sisal twine or Rope (I would like thicker but this is what I had on hand)
a scrap of Wood
Hot Glue OR Staple Gun  (My staple gun is in a very safe place right now grr)
It is pretty simple you will wrap around tightly, with a staple about every 10 wraps or so OR hot glue a blob every inch or so.  I like the staples better BUT I cannot find my staple gun (darn you winter windows!)  As I wrapped I was reciting a little mantra of sorts I did it from the heart and it was safety, healing, and bonding for the gist of it :D
"With each inch our bond does cinch"
"With each wrap, all harm I trap"
"With each reel, your pain I heal"
Those are not my exact words but if I were to do it again,...  It covers the feeling of what I was saying at the time (I don't remember exactly what, as I was winging it)
Feel free to make your own
 Since I was using hot glue here is a pic of the "blob" to secure the twine, you do have to work fairly quickly with hot glue but it does work pretty dang well!

this is a completely optional and HIGHLY NOT recommended step:

How squeemish are you?

You were warned (really it isn't THAT bad, but my DD had a friend over who was a bit grossed out by it)

I stuck my finger in the hot glue.......

pretty sure the blister looks worse NOW (bigger blister, thanks natures band aid!) but yeah, totally burned myself on this project.

and I didn't use the trick I KNEW to use, and have cold water by the glue gun in case of such an incident.  *Sigh* at least I had aloe!

The verdict is still sort of out I have not seen her SCRATCH it but she loves to rub on it so at least she LOVES it!  I did sprinkle a bit of catnip on it to entice but so far the claws are staying put!  We will see, I'm sure there will be updates

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7-12-16 post it note Tuesday

Another goody from "The Pagan Book Of Living And Dying"  Pg. 253
She is talking on assisted suicide and abortion in the section.  However it fits on many things....

Monday, July 11, 2016

Make It Monday- Making room for Sasha!

So this one will be a bit different than other weeks, it won't be a full on crafty goodness blog.  More of a story perhaps?  So a few days before Beltane (April 26th)  My Dog, Minion, ran out the door when we got home from a workshop I was doing.  He never came back.  I posted on Facebook, and on the local animal shelter, checked in with neighbors and there was no response.  This was the animal of the house that was my puppy, sure he went to others and stuff, but he was my pup.  Unless someone was sick then he was a therapup for those that were sick!  Partially I think, he got that from two things,  1.  I got him fairly recently to a surgery I had (umbilical hernia repair, thanks twins!) but I also had my reiki attunement around the same time, and he ended up getting some reiki often at that time!

As much of a pain in the ass Minion could be.  He suffered from "little dog syndrome" and was a general rascally pup.  He was a Chi/terrier mix and it showed.  He had crazy fur all the time.  He was a pup that came from my Sister in law, when she had 2 left.  I tried to talk myself out of getting one of the pups because I was recovering.  We had been down to see them and saw the pups when they were too little to leave mama.  I didn't think it would even happen to begin with so I did a lot of talking myself OUT of a puppy.
But we ended up being asked if we wanted one and I was given a choice of a male or a female.  Honestly, I would have liked a girl more, but Minion was the picture that called to me.  I found out he was the favored of the two as he had more personality.  He was the spitting image of his father too LOL  I got to see pictures of that as well, you would not have guessed much by seeing his Mom, she was definitely more Chi looking!  I knew finding him after the first day was a LONG shot, I had to face up to the reality that with hawks, owls, eagles, and coyotes there was little chance he was still around, unless he got taken in.  I tried to spread the word and I lurked at local ad locations that had places people posted lost pets.  Being where I live though, it certainly isn't the first rodeo on loss of a pet.  I've had pets hit by a car, I've had some that were taken to the pound (at least what I was TOLD my first dog bit another kid I guess, I wasn't around to see it, and I was told she was being taken in)  We have had strays show up and just not last long (mostly barn cats, but there was a dog once a DALMATIAN no less!)  most when I was not in control of what happened to said strays and a few when I was in a "no cat" house.  My Grandmother doesn't like indoor cats, or any dog resembling a Pit Bull.  We kind of had to fight to get our Beagle, Logan.  Not a big fight mind you, but let's just go with dogs are more accepted than cats are.

BUT once we moved and were no longer sharing a house that changed.  When I'm the one who has to deal (or not) with the litter box (and the odor that my Grandmother dislikes so much, I think she is thinking old school litter!)  I digress however!  Since Minion has been gone, I've really felt something missing.   I gave it some time,  then my Husband was looking at Craigslist and he found a free to good home listing, we tried that, no answer on text or call then finally, at my Husband's urging we stopped in at the animal shelter.  We looked at both dogs and cats.  Hubby leaning more toward dog, and me warning that it could possibly end up a cat! LOL  Most of the dogs were pit mixes, and I CAN'T do that (see above on my Grandmother!  We disagree on MANY things haha)
I entered thinking that nothing may become of this trip, I had been waiting for some sort of falling into my lap thing that can be known to happen (like with Minion)  trying to be prepared for something but not REALLY looking myself.  Kind of putting out some energy, but not actively seeking per se.  Two cats perked up when I said their names  Brook, and Sasha.  Brook was a longer haired cat and when she perked up she just lifted her head, and she was the first one.  Sasha came over to say "hello".  We went into the get acquainted room.  Which I find hard with cats because she was really, anxious about the barking dogs she could see and hear across the hall, but it was an instant purr when she got loves!  Even in the pen where she was, I touched her and she was a little motor!  When we made the choice, and knowing that going with an older cat makes things a bit more difficult (possibly).  Because Snowbell is cat #1 and while she was good with her sister here, she wasn't to fond of other cats being around, when we had S'more and Wisp.  The adjustment stage may be an uphill one coming up.  Having a dog and a cat to acclimate!
So this weekend has been a set up weekend!  Scrubbing litter boxes for use again, getting the pet carrier ready for transport for when we get the call She has to be fixed today (Monday) then we get to pick her up.  I took one thing as a bit of a sign though, I saw the license..... it was a STAR!  I keep second guessing that it might end up being different, but I also know they try really hard not to mix things up!
This weekend has been a blur!  Friday was the day we went to the shelter
Saturday my in laws came to town, though I didn't see them much, "we" (meaning my daughter) had cosplay plans, she is part of a group and doing a skit and needed to work on her costume.  We were out until 2 am. UGH
Today, was my more lazy day, but it was filled with scrubbing and putting into place of the things, running a few errands.

Also I may be playing a bit of Pokemon Go.... but, I get nothing at home so when I'm OUT I have to get a good bit in,  Saturday had a nice park walk while waiting for the other group members to come to work on stuff.
I made a few of this mouse for the cats to play with.  My crafting this week doesn't have many pictures, but it is there!  I pleated skirts (or at least, IRONED them into place, I was mainly there for support)

Sasha, who will be here later!   She recently had kittens and she was found at an intersection in town.  (not sure how recently for the kittens, and I don't recall WHAT intersection)  OH AND the day we happened to decide to go to the animal shelter?  It was also a flamekeeping shift for Brigid somehow in my mind this fits together somewhere, since I was out and only had my LED candle lit that day (which I try to save for NIGHT when I'm keeping for a shift) I had to go grocery shopping though so I was not home most of the day, and when I am out I will use it too.  I'll even take it with me if I can, I just didn't this time.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Make it Monday- Gobblin treasure bottles!

This week will be a bit of a repeat - KIND OF.
same theme but different side of things.
So when I had the camp here at home and I had 2 sides for teams.  This was inspired by making the fairy dust bottles.
This week AIR!  with a matching Air playlist, lets just assume NSFW actually I checked and it IS!!
What would goblins collect?
Fairy hair and Fairy wings of course!  with bits of, signs of struggle (moss, and fairy dust of course!)   OR perhaps a vial of goo from the Bog of Eternal Stench!?  Some particularly naughty goblins trapped whole fairies in bottles (all images pulled from google I don't know who posted this one it goes to a writers blog, but no source I can find)  I LOVED the "The Ring" feel of it though.
most of these are simply a Google search for "fairy wings" printed cut and then placed in the bottles.  I had one issue though, the BACKS that were just white were seen.  However, when I was looking through my goodies I found some tinsel and easter grass stuff, which added some flair AND solved that issue.  Plus Goblins probably just got a few strands when collecting the wings anyway.  Am I right?
I found it easy to wrap a strand or two and then use tweezers to insert in the bottles as you can see, and I found more types of this stuff that I didn't get pictures of.  Because one was a last minute addition and it was silver tinsel.  Then when I was tired of cutting out bits of paper, I made some wings with wire, some jewelry wire, with some of the iridescent grass stuff, and some plastic wrap and voila!  dragonfly style wings (this one turned out to be one of my favorites, and the pic doesn't do it justice!    

Again 13 of these were made all different and I had a LOT of fun with this one, I was not originally going to make goblin bottles, BUT... the wings idea was too good!  One bottle I did the tutorial for the "nebula bottle" with a tad of cotton, and some acrylic pain on the cotton inside then add water and a bit of glitter.  It got the nickname of being a "bottle of The Bog Of Eternal Stench"
I then used the same sealing technique as in this post along with the same bails for them, a few bottles on each side didn't have bails I just used hemp cord with sliding knots.  but MOST were bailed because it looks awesome and it was FUN!

I wish I would have got a group shot of these ones!  I would fire my photographer but then I'd be firing myself so..... that just won't work here!  the main thing is to have FUN with some airy elements here, some wings were packed with deco moss like what you can see in the wire wings, there is a bit of it in the bottom,  Some wings had 4 parts and I put them loose in the bottles, instead of standing them up against the side of the bottle.  This craft was really inexpensive as long as you think outside the box store!  most of this stuff was just in my craft stash, but if you start looking out you can grab a strand or two of grass when it is around you it really doesn't take much!  (AKA don't go buy a bunch!  you have something that will work! I promise!)
One bottle, before I found the grass, ended up with some glue on the back of the wings and then a pinch of fairy dust inside (glitter) I shook it up really well and left the cap off so it could dry.  Static will hold it on the glass but you need some sticky to hold to the back of the paper.  I'm also sure there is a way to double side the printing but I didn't want to bother tinkering with settings.  I like this result better, the effect was more fun with the light playing with the strands inside the bottle!  Perhaps it is the Aquarian in me, but I like this one just as much if not more than the water craft!  there was such room for experimentation! Looking and printing different wings and fairies to go inside then getting a bit of backstory to each bottle.  "This fairy put up a fight.... it has moss inside the goblin had to chase it!" , "WOW what a careless goblin, the wings are WRINKLED!" I carefully crinkled the paper before adding to the bottle, so it had a nice texture.  This craft is also less of a mess, since it is paper and craft herpes,  I mean, glitter is optional!  AND it will still look really cute if the only thing you have inside is just wings, I was just bothered by the white background on the wings.  It may not be an issue for you or you could print two and sandwich them together!  This one really is limitless!  GO AND MAKE!  and have fun doing so!
Yours doesn't have to have nefarious means either, that was just part of the game for us here.  Want to have a bit more control of those flighty thoughts?  enchant it!  Want to let your mind soar? add the meanings for YOU!  it just has to fit inside the bottle, which is actually surprising what will fit.  A really nice fit for the mind/air/intellect side of things.