Monday, September 19, 2016

Make It Monday Sept 19th Utility Belt


I must admit I got it because I follow a Facebook group here.  It is a group that lets you "in" on sales and freebies.  So when a designer offers one up you can find out about it!  I've increased my Ravelry library immensely since joining.  Sometimes I get cool things such as the above or things like this little cutie that is on sale until Sept 19, 2016 adorable froggy (Sorry, not sorry I'm really excited I got this one today :P )

So, when I went to FaerieWorlds they were selling these awesome belts that offered "purse free" options.  That would have been awesome to have at the time, but for some reason I didn't see fit to just BUY one there, it is a decision I question often LOL.  That is until I got the pattern for this one!

I have ends to weave in, buttons to sew on, and beads to add but I wanted to get SOMETHING up on here to show what I've been working on.  The Yellow "feather"  I accidentally made 2 of, so it became an athame pouch (I lined it with craft foam for protection)  SO MANY ends to weave though... UGH.  So I'm going to get back to that.

This time I wanted something to take to Hekate's Sickle Fest, that is being put on by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC) in October.  I doubt I'll have my knife with me, but... I can use it in circles later *grin*  So far I am REALLY happy with how it is turning out!

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