Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Make It Monday Sept 26th addition

So, I had a friend who had a Birthday.... And she hosted a "Tentacle and Tea" painting party.  A few cups of tea, and some paint later I had this elemental bad boy!

Now I know this is Tuesday, but I was not home at all yesterday I had an appointment to have someone drill into visible bone in my skull, and fill them with goop (yes, that means dentist)  FOLLOWED by a crafting day.  Let me tell you one of these things was the highlight, the other was not.
ADD to that the stress of having my van not want me to go to the dentist (hmmm.....)  It was a good day, after a rather crummy morning, but lunch things shifted.
So today is catch up on the blog of blogging.

I am not the best painter ever, I had chances to learn this skill but I never did take my Great Grandmother up on most of the painting, and most of the time I just "played" with watercolor.  This one is acrylic paints, and I had fun making it so that is what matters, right? ALSO, the dang blogger turned it to the left the tree is supposed to be top for North.  (Which in turn reminds me of a conversation that was had yesterday, about elements and placement and traditions...)  and of course the picture doesn't do the golds and silvers any justice, these metallic paints ROCKED

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  1. I love this painting! With it turned on its side like this, it looks like there is a person standing in the water or rising out of water. It's so freaking cool!
    I am sorry you had to go to the dentist and that your van was giving you crap. *hugs*