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Practical Magic Book Vs Movie (Old blog copy) for a TBT!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Most people will agree that most of the time the book is better than  the movie adaptation.  In the case of Practical Magic, I really felt that the movie was better, that is NOT to say that the book is not good, it really is quite a good read.  How else would I have read for nearly 13 hours straight!  Breaks of course for driving, eating and food prep and other kid care.  I started it when we went in to test my 6yo son for first grade readiness. around 11am and I finished it up around 12:30 am the next "morning".  I really thought it was off to a great start of a book love affair, in the first chapter describing the Aunt's home, I LOVED how it was described.  Shortly into the book I realized it was a whole different animal.  Now the whole different animal thing is something that I am very much used to.  I have read and watch True Blood/ Southern Vampire Mysteries.  They have HUGE differences in those, and I am able to take each individually without liking one over the other.
And in some ways it is the same case with this book and movie combo.  There were some things that I liked in the book, like the change in scenery, even though at the same time, I missed the old scene.  I find that I agree with most of the negative reviews on Amazon.  Yet, I would not go post the same things, because I really did enjoy the book, but I certainly enjoyed the movie much, much more!

So when I woke up, I made my coffee and I watched one of my favorite witchy movies!  Although, I did find that it is currently paused about halfway through, I guess I needed to catch up on some of that housework that I neglected yesterday.  I worked on the boys' room, which with 3 boys is a HUGE chore to undertake, and I am still not done with it! ARGH!  Every time I say "Never again" to no avail.   I have had a running to do list and I am getting most of that list done each day, so I refuse to beat myself up over a few things carrying over to the next.  It will all be there tomorrow.

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