Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Post It Note Tuesday!

Thanks to the OLD Twin Peaks LOL

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Long time no posting

but there are reasons for that!  One is that I went to some festivals, a few....  Hecate's Sickle Fest in Oct 2016, so the lack of posting from then on was just packing and prep and that itself was enough to stop the habit I'd made of the days TO post.  Then taking on some study classes (that would later fall apart) and an attempt to build something for the greater community here (that would later fall apart, as well)
After HSF there were plans made to go to Spring Mysteries Festival so that added a new packing and trip schedule in the Spring.  Planning Beltane and just life kept me away.
   There seems to be some murmurings that would make this upkeep now just "part of the norm" so I'm going to try, meaning that it would not be "extra" work, just what is normal for me.  So I think I can manage and the worst case, it doesn't work.