Where the F^@* is Sasha

This will be a page dedicated to the future exploits of my adopted kitty, Sasha.
Kind of a play off the the coloring books by Sasha O'hara.  Just with a cat!  doing cat things.  May also star Snowbell, the youngest Daughters cat, who is neurotic and shy but BEAUTIFUL!

Sasha after we adopted her, but still in the shelter

Sasha being unphotogenic

Settling in to the house
Snowbell, the older kitty, who is cross eyed and TOTALLY my Daughters cat,  Never mind the hops behind her, my Husband had just brewed his first batch when I took this picture LOL
I found a bed to snuggle in!

I LOVE YOU CHAIR (or sofa section)
It iz time for snugglz nao

Don't worry I've got your back!
I'm in a bag!
Thanks for folding me a bed!

bathroom door, no problem, I've got it!